Gregory M. Butcher


Gregory was born in Western Australia during the mid 50's. Since then he has truly become a citizen of the world. He now lives in the USA and Australia.

Gregory is a keen golfer and prides himself with having played on the worlds' most famous courses from St Andrews in Scotland, to Pine Valley in the USA.

During the mid 70's Gregory became involved, quite by accident, in the world of Health & Beauty. Since then he has become a leading player in the sale, manufacture and marketing of these products for the industry.

'Not having come from a Health & Beauty background, my father was a farmer, it was a coincidental meeting in 1974 with an old school friend that opened my eyes to the business oportunities in this area, something I had never considered before.

It was not until 1976 that I produced my first direct mail campaign. The product was a weight loss pill, produced from a natural extract found specificaly in Australia. I remember sending out over 100,000 envelopes and being dissaponted when I received only 76 replies and 58 sales!'

Luckily Gregory was not disheartened and his tenacity and perseverence saw this humble begining blossom into a business with a customer base numbering millions throughout the world.
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